Monferrato Bianco 2021 "Plisun" Crotin 1897

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At Crotin 1897 there is a willingness to produce selected bottles from autochtonous grapes, in harmony with nature and according to a simple credo: 1 vineyard, 1 wine. Aided by the rising star of Cristiano Garella's winemaking, Crotin 1897's wines are straight-forward, simple without being simplistic and express the essence of the land they grow on.

The Bussanello grape is a cross between Furmint and Riesling Italico (a.k.a. Welschriesling), created in 1932 by Prof. Dalmasso. Crotin is the only producer of it in purity. Crotin have a single, organically farmed hectare that they planted in 2003, producing a wine that now has 'Piemonte Bussanello DOC' status. This extremely unique white wine is vinified traditionally in stainless steel tanks with intermittent battonage taking place until January with bottling in February.

A dry, unusually elegant white wine, that is ideal with seafood and fish, it offers floral notes, some apricot, slight saltiness and mineral notes.

A worthy discovery!

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