Cristiano then introduces us to two other young local winemakers. Fabio Zambolin inherited his passion for wine and small vineyard from his grandfather Feldo, in honour of whom he named his first wine. It is a blend of Nebbiolo and Vespolina, fresh and pleasant, with a good balance between red berries and peppery spice. His Nebbiolo Vallelonga is equally palatable.

Andrea Monti Perini is a brave man. He makes two wines from his plot in Masserano: Bramaterra DOC and Coste della Sesia DOC Spanna. The Bramaterra is made from Nebbiolo and Uva Rara, which gives it lightness and an almost playful finish – a wonderful combination! His bravery, however, lies mainly in choosing the name “Spanna” for his other predominantly Nebbiolo based red. In truth, Spanna is the local name for this clone of the Nebbiolo grape. In my childhood and teenage years, there was still a large production of Spanna in the area. Everyone I know dreaded it, with exception of the locals and a handful “aficionados”. Tannic and acidic, these wines were hard, heavy and bitter, for most people simply undrinkable.

Monti Perini, however, thought he could change this condemning reputation by making a lively, fresh and easy drinking wine. Bravo, he has succeeded! This Spanna is vivaciously light, full of berries and spices, with a well-rounded finish. It has a good body, acidity, strength, but everything so well balanced that none dominates. Cristiano Garella’s input and expertise proved critical for this success – we cannot wait for more to come!

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