My name is Marcello and I have been working at international level for 30 years, mainly with large multinational business organisations, in a very specialistic niche.

My passion is to try and understand the land and its essence. I like places where nature and man are interlaced in harmony and one can feel this intimate connection by the energy that it expresses. Vineyards and olive groves are such places, and I would like to share discoveries and experiences with you.

After years of travelling for work, I felt the need to reconnect with the land and its essence. I reminisced the hills that looked like a sea, covered with vineyards and trees, houses, churches, castles and meadows, and the valley covered in fields and woods, where watercourses and road traffic flowed that loved at first sight at age 17.

Back then, I had gone to harvest grapes in the Monferrato, one of Italy’s prime wine areas in Piemonte. That’s what I wanted to connect to again.

There, I had felt only the joy of being in the vineyard, intoxicated by the scents of grapes, flowers, pears and apples.

I had had my first grape must from hand collected and hand pressed grapes – not the first grape juice I had ever tasted, but the first one to which I had contributed. It tasted acidulous… almost bitter, and left my mouth dry, with the desire to drink water… but it was a concentrate of earth, sun, rain and the work of man. It was a revelation, the one we should always perceive the moment we take a sip of wine, when the wine is genuine. Since that day, for me a wine is only good when it fills you with joy and happiness, because it conveys the essence of the land from where it comes. It has soul!

But the location of the vineyards on Bricco Lu, the fact of being above the fog and sunbathing for a long time, would have made the wine more than pleasant after a few years of aging. The harvest lasted ten days.

I do not know if it was the emotion or enthusiasm of the moment, or maybe because I already felt a strong bond with the land and the wine… but I understood that I wanted to continue this journey into the land of wine – Vinland.

My grandmother Erminia, beloved by all our big family, because she always had a good word for everyone and dispensed her wisdom with simplicity, told me how her father, Gaetano, had been one of the largest wine merchants in Milan. Gaetano travelled to Sicily at least once a year from where he had his barrels of fine Marsala wine and less prized wines transported, strong and full-bodied, to be “blended” with the more fruity, but also lighter wines from the North. She concluded smiling that this new activity of mine was due to the call of the blood! I would like to invite you to travel with us through the land of wine, in the footsteps of my great-grandfather Gaetano Verganti.