Our Guarantee

Our commitment is to bring you the place and the face behind the wines and oils. Vinland is our pride, and we guarantee that all products on offer have been tasted, tested and selected by ourselves on various occasions, very thoroughly and in different circumstances. Every wine and olive oil undergoes a series of tastings to evaluate their evolution in time. We have visited the producers and looked at the vineyards, olive groves and production sites. Products, which do not meet our standards, are not for sale here.

Wine & Olive Oil Consultants

Do you want free advice? Ask us, it will be our pleasure to give you our best recommendations. Are you looking for something special? Are you planning an event, a family gathering, birthday celebration, wedding, etc.? Contact us for free advice on which wine to combine with the food you intend to serve, or which wine to drink when. We can also give you a quote, including transport. Do you want to learn more about winemaking? Do you want to learn about new wines we bring back from our journeys? Tell us your preferences and we will keep you updated.

Taste Before You Buy

Join us in one of our tasting events. You can try the wines and oils and decide which ones you like to buy. If you buy a certain amount of bottles, and then realise that it is not what you really wanted, we accept returns.

Wine Searchers

Are you looking for just that special bottle from a year that means something special to you? Let us know, and we will tell you what we find!

Personalised Service

Whether you buy one or more bottles, we will give you that additional personalised touch. Do you need assistance with import formalities? We are happy to help. Do you want a mixed pack, with wine and olive oil, or different formats and size bottles? We will find a safe way for you to receive your packages. Do you want to go on a tour an explore vineyards and olive groves? We can make it happen. We can organise “do it yourself” tours or guide you through the wineries on a personalised trip.

Wine Storage

Do you want to store your wine in our cellars? We have old wine cellars, where we can store your bottles for perfect aging. You buy at cost price and when you want your wine shipped, you only pay for transport. Storing wine will only cost a small fee. It is a safe way to accrue the value of your purchase with time.

Group Purchases

If you buy as a group of friends or family, you can considerably save on shipping. If you want mixed boxes. We are happy to prepare and personalise them for each member of your group.

Safe Transport

We can ship your bottles in the original package chosen by the producer or in a EWINE Secure Pack, a box that is designed for safe transport of any kind of bottle. It is made of cardboard and 100% recyclable, when not reusable.