Our last stop is in a small winery in Mamantile, a tiny hamlet part of Lastra a Signa, South of Florence. We drive along small country roads, then turn left onto a dirt track which winds its way between cypress trees, wheat fields, olive groves and vineyards. Picture book Tuscany! Beautifully peaceful.  Then the road follows the hilltop and suddenly descends towards a farm. A large Alsatian and a tiny black dog welcome us enthusiastically.

Ofelia, the little female Pinscher, commands the overly playful, gigantic Whisky, and leads us to the cellar where Niccolò Lari is waiting for us.  La Svolta, he explains, literally means “the turn” and refers to the turn he took in life when he realised that something needed to change. After working administrative roles in different businesses for years, he missed something and felt quite unhappy, unfulfilled. Supported by his family, he followed his call to farming and being part of a culture of thousands of years, making olive oil and wine.

His philosophy is simple: respect nature and use her gifts to make great wines. We like the place, the dogs, the man and of course, the wine!  Some wines are made according to the Tuscan tradition and following the strict protocols of Vinnatur for natural winemaking. Other wines, also 100% natural, are original creations that somehow break the traidtional mould. We think that these wines deserve to be brought to your attention.

From here we head on towards Vinci, where the greate genious Leonardo was born, and onwards North, back to our beloved Valle Vogna. Old Sangiovese Vines at La Svolta