Originally, the Ferro family are carpenters with a tradition of making wine for family and friends in the plot on the hill above their home and workshop in Ghemme. When the legal constraints became such that “winemaking for the family” was considered a business to the effects of taxation, they faced a tough decision: either sell their vineyards, and give up their tradition (and passion), or become a fully fledged winery.

Thank God the passion prevailed! Lorenzo studied enology and is the “winemaker”, while all the family help out, including the children at times. Lorenzo believes in the principles of natural winemaking, keeping the vineyard well so that “nature” gives the best grapes. He then leaves time to time to for his wines to develop, mainly in large oak barrels. He is a “nebbiolista”, influenced by the “barolisiti”, and you can taste it in his wonderful Ghemme and Ghemme Riserva DOCG. True joy for the palate!

However, building on local tradition, the Ferros also grow white Erbaluce and the red spicy Vespolina. In their 5 hecatres, they produce about 10.000 bottles per year. The lion share is aged Nebbiolo “Il Tordo” and Ghemme “Il Motto”, whereas young Nebbiolo “Olevo”, Vespolina “Il Luco” and the white Erbaluce “Fogliaretto” are produced in small quantities, under 1000 bottles per year. All wines with the exception of the white are 100% natural. For the white to remain crisp, fresh and light coloured, Lorenzo adds selected natural yeasts.

We will try to convince him to allow for longer, natural fermentation also of the white grapes, and to make a barrel of natural orange wine just for you and us! Knowing him and his passion of natural A bunch of ripe Nebbiolo grapes in the Ferro family’s Il Motto Vineyard in Ghemme winemaking, convincing him will not be too difficult.