Valle d'Aosta VSQ Extra Brut Rosé "Traverse" La Kiuva

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This the first "Nebbione" we propose to all Nebbiolo lovers, and all those who love bubbles and want to try soemthing different - in this case, a sparkling made from the tips of the bunches of Nebbiolo grapes. Legendary Barolo winemaker Sergio Molino developed a new concept of making great Nebbiolo-based red wines. As the acidity concentrates in the tip of the grape, he tested cutting off the tips to allow for a more balanced maturation of the bunches. He then took the cut-off tips, and after finding the suitable, made a champagne-style sparkling from them. A small number of wineries followed his adivce, and there are now about 10 "Nebbione" producers out there.

Due to its unique colour, which is a delicate onion peel pink tending to gold, "Traverse" stands out within the plethora of Nebbione sparklings. It stems from the lower Valle d'Aosta, from very mineral, rocky soils, where Nebbiolo remains fresh and floral rather then developing secondary flavours. Traverse reveals some fresh red berries, wild strawberry and quince to the nose, but also some more structured and yeasty notes, tending towards freshly baked rhubarb, apple and pear. On the palate it is fine, enticing and always pleasantly dry and persistent. Perfect for aperitif and with shellfish!

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