Uva Rara 2018 Provincia di Pavia Frecciarossa

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This grape is grown only in Oltrepò Pavese and Alto Piemonte. Mostly used in blends, where it adds great elegance and lightness, when used alone it gives a very likeable, easy-to-drink, spicy red wine.

At Frecciarossa this grape was grown for over 100 years, yet only recently, as an experiment, it was left to age for six months in used oak barrels. What a success! In the used barriques, the tannins ripen faster, a toasty note of oak enhances the broad aromatic spectrum ranging from red berries to maraschino and black cherry and the always present spices and black pepper. A very well balanced and likeable, rather unique light red wine!

It is an allrounder, to drink in every occasion, even slightly chilled on warm summer days. It is suitable for further ageing 10 years +.

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