Trebbiano d'Abruzzo DOC 2020 Amorotti

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Amorotti has been supplying high-quality organica grapes to one of the established "greats" of the region, before making their own wines from the same grapes. This is probably one of those cases, where the student winemaker reaches if not surpasses the master. We are enthusiastic about the quality of Amorotti's wines!

This Trebbiano 2020 at first seems rich and "fat" with sweetish flavours, but then peach and acidity bring out the finesse, citrus and flour and the minerality of the soil makes the rest: saltiness, lightness and hint of pear.

This is a great, complex, well balanced white wine that you can keep for a few years to reach its full potential and, above all, it is a wonderful display of this amazing white grape, which often is mistaken for other (lesser) Trebbiano and thus underrated.

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