Sizzano 2014 Paride Chiovini

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In 2014 it rained throughout the summer, but then autumn was dry, warm and long. The vintners who had maintained a patient optimism harvested a small crop of aromatically rich grapes, that were rather low in alcohol content. Paride Chiovini’s Sizzano is of slightly oxidised red, almost brick. Initially it strikes with a strong acidic note and firm tannins, which leave room for a whiff of rose, strawberry and raspberry notes, liquorice and tar. It looks and feels older than its age until you hit a strong note of earthiness, chocolate and caramel. Thus, while at first impression this Sizzano seems to come to a sudden end on the palate, it celebrates an unexpectedly surprising comeback. A complex wine, different from most other similarly blends of the region. Definitely worth a try!

Nebbiolo 60%, Vespolina 30%, Uva Rara 100%

Natural fermentation and maceration on the skins for 20-25 days Soil: fluvioglacial sand and lime, with acid pH, in Sizzano Altitude: 300 m above sea level Ageing: 4 months in steel vats, 24 months in oak barrels, then 3-4 months in bottle Life expectancy:20+ years

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