Rex Rubrum 2017 Chianti DOCG Quei 2

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Most of Quei 2’s (“Those 2”) Sangiovese vines are old, and deliver strong, tannic, full bodied wine. For Quei 2 the challenge was to make a wine that maintains these qualities, but has enough fruitiness for easy, enjoyable drinking. So they planted some Merlot and Canaiolo grapes, as well as “classic” whites Trebbiano, Malvasia and San Colombano.

A first part of the must is left to ferment for a short period, to bring out all the fruitiness in the Merlot grapes. The second part of must, mainly from the old Sangiovese vines, is left to macerate on the skins a little longer and then left to age in small oak vats, while the fruitier part ages in steel vats.

When ready - after about one year - they are assembled in a 60% - 40% proportion, to allow for the fruity part to complement and enhance the strong tannic structure of the Sangiovese. We tasted the “Red King” Rex Rubrum on different occasions, several months apart and noticed promising improvement with time. The juicy freshness and the power of the “old” Sangiovese blend very well! It is well-rounded, pleasant, fresh, with a full body and good balance between acidity and tannins. A very, very pleasant, rather “modern” Chianti. Well done “Those 2”.

Sangiovese 85%, Merlot 10%, Canaiolo 5% Vineyards in the hills of Montespertoli The must is fermented separately and assembled in proportion 60% aged in steel and 40% aged in oak.

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