Piemonte DOC Grignolino 2021 Scagliola Sansì

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Once upon the time Grignolino was one of the most grown varieties in Monferrato. It was in the times when the international markets, mainly the British, were all about "Claret" wines - the very pale and light reds from the Bordeaux region. The reason was, precisely, the shiny light ruby red color of the Grignolino grape. In Piemonte, however, the high tannic content of Grignolino also allowed for a "heavier" style of wine. In the end, this confused many international wine lovers, who couldn't understand how a wine so light in colour colour could be so serious and strong... for a while, the Grignolino grape declined, but now it's coming back and conquering the world!

This Grignolino falls into the category of light, easy, incredibly crunchy wines you may immediately fall for. Slightly cool, it is a wonderful aperitif, at the right temperature (18°C), you will appreciate the ease of enjoyment due to is dryness and the scents and flavours of fresh, crunchy raspberries and cherries. It also works as a cool summer red with fish, like tuna or salmon.

Great pleasure, sat a fair price!

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