Piemonte Cortese DOC "Bisbiglio" 2022

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This is probably the best light fresh fizzy white wine you'll ever try (in this price category)!

The grapes are crushed and 24 hour skin contact at cold temperature allow for a soft extraction of the "green" scents and flavours so typical and unique of the local Cortese grape. Then, just when the first fermentation is over and before the secondary fermentation begins, it is bottled, allowing ofr a littles fermantion in the bottle, which makes this wine pleasantly fizzy, or as Italians say "vivaceous" - a word that literally means "full of life". And this is its main quality, the liveliness, the freshness, the ease of drinking, the pure and simple joy of living it expresses!

A very light, almost white yellow, slightly fizzy, this wine reminds you of the freshness and simplicity of an early summer day. A great wine for everyday's enjoyment, it can replace the likes of Prosecco or "more serious" whites.

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