Olevo 2017 Colline Novaresi Nebbiolo La Torretta

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In ancient times, almond or olive trees needed to be grown at mandatory intervals in the vineyards in Ghemme. When Lorenzo Ferro began clearing a plot of woodland, which had once before been a vineyard, he found some old olive trees. In the local dialect, olive trees are called “Olevo”, from the Italian “Olivo”. Thus he decided to call the vineyard and the wine it produces “Olevo”. These vines are rather young, as is this Nebbiolo: raised in steel vats, it is young, pleasant, warm. Very strong fruity opening, it reveals a good body and easy finish. Cherry notes initially hide the wealth of aromas underneath, including blood orange, raspberry and viola. The tannins give it structure and texture. Always pleasant, never banal! Ready to enjoy with potential for a few years’ ageing.

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