Margherita 2018 Pinot Nero Olterpò Pavese Frecciarossa

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An elegant, lightly coloured pale rosé from Pinot Nero grapes, floral and fruity, delicately elegant, it is always pleasant on its own, or with seafood, fish and white meets. Soft notes of wild strawberries make room to preponderant pomegranate and tangerine, with a whiff of rose petals. All these aromas are enhanced in the palate, delivering a noticeable experience.

The accurately selected bunches of Pinot Nero are left to macerate for 24 hours at 4°C temperature. Thus, all the fruitiness and freshness is preserverved when soft pressing the grapes and leaving them to ferment for up to 24 days at 14°C in steel vats, where the wine rests for 5 months before bottling. There is no secondary fermentation.

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