Langhe DOC "Nascetta del Comune di Novello "2021 Franco Conterno

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Do you know Nascetta? This ancient grape variety, native to the Langhe, had long been abandoned and is being re-discovered in recent years.

Genetically it has traits of Riesling, Moscato Giallo and Sauvignon - quite a unique combination of aromas, acidity and body. An intriguing grape!

Like all "Nascetta del Comune di Novello" this wine is made 100% from Nascetta grapes. (The Langhe Nascetta can include a percentage of other grapes). Franco Conterno's Nascetta is soft pressed, the skins are separated from the must which fermented for around 25 days in steel vats at a controlled temperature.

The outcome is a very pleasant wine, vibrant yellow with green undertones; rich aroma with hints of pineapple, orange blossom, exotic fruits, banana and honey. Perfect as an aperitif, best with shellfish, seafood and fish, also pasta dishes.

Only 4500 bottles made per year

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