Isola dei Nuraghi DOC "Cagnulari" 2020 Chessa

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Cagnulari is a rare, autochtonous grape of Sardinia, and it expanding as it meets an increasing interest in world. The Chessa family's estate in Usini, on the North-west corner of the Island, not far from Sassari, benefits of a mild microclimate.

The first striking aspect of this wine is its darkness - almost black.The second impression is its fine aromatic palette, which reflects the warmth of the soil and climate of Sardinia. D.H. Lawrence compared Sardinia to a continent, not just an island in the Mediterranean. It is extemely varied, offering mountains, some of the world's most beautiful beaches, and lots of forests, in which cork oak are numerous, and all sorts of berries and flowers enrich the air with their scent. Everywhere the scents of herbs and berries can be found - the so called "macchia mediterranea", or "garrigue" in France, simliar to South Africa's "finbos". This is what Cagnulari delivers: dark forest fruits in the nose, dark berries and fruit on the palate, a little acidity, and very fine tannins, so well blended, with a litlle sweetness in the back, that the palate rejoices of it velvety texture. It is rich, but not overpowering, and remains elegant. So very smooth, velvety, spicy... it is simply an always pleasant red wine!

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