Greco Nero 2017 Cantine Lavorata

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Calabria, a mountainous peninsula between the Ionian and Tyrrenaen seas, is the southernmost part of the Italian mainland. Here, winemaking has a very long tradition of over 2500 years. It became an area of production for export already during the colonisation by Greek settlers, who founded colonies that became among the wealthiest in the Mediterranean.

A beautiful deep dark red tending to purple, this unique red wine is rather fruity and has spicy notes of cinnamon and clover. Like most "Greek" wines, also this Greco is rather light bodied and na ideal companion for lighter spicy dishes, including the typical Calabrian "stocco" (dry cod) and "baccalà" (salt cod) cooked with tomato and chilly peppers.

After fermenting and ageing for six months in steel vats, it spends at six months in chestnut barrels before bottling.

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