Ghemme 2015 Paride Chiovini

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The lime and clay in the glacier moraine contribute to Ghemme’s notorious acidity, which gives this wine freshness and balances the potent tannins of Nebbiolo. It also brings out the finest of Nebbiolo: pleasant, distinctive notes of sour cherry, black berries and raspberry, nutmeg, white pepper, cocoa, dark chocolate and tobacco, with persisting fruit throughout. A balsamic, earthy finish, it remains warm and juicy onto the palate. Its relevant tannic and acidity structure ensures both: long life in the palate and in the bottle.

Nebbiolo 100% Natural fermentation and at least 20 days maceration on the skins Soil: fluvioglacial clay and lime, with acid pH, in Ghemme Altitude: 300 m above sea level Ageing: 4 months in steel vats, 18 - 20 months in oak tonneaux with 500 litres capacity, then 6 months in bottle Life expectancy: 20+ years

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