Fratelli Collavo "Collfondo"

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Did you ever try the traditional Prosecco, naturally refermented in the bottle?

Unfiltered, the lees remain in the bottle and bring about a second fermentation in the bottle. Thus it is Naturally sparkling, and a little cloudy due to the lees on the bottom of the bottle.

From local Glera grapes with some Perera and Bianchetta Trevigiana, this is the traditional "prosecco" of the hills around Valdobbiadene. It delivers a wide spectrum of scents, aromas and flavours, and changes with age, as the lees "eat up the sugar" of the wine must. At firts it is very juicy, full of fresh fruity notes and slightly sweet, and the longer it ages the more it becomes dry adding a surprsing note of freshly basked bread, aprìcot and peach pulp. It is recommended to serve well cool, decant and let breathe for a few minutes, to allow the yeasty notes to dissipate nad hte mor complex aromas to develop. If you like fresh, light sparkles with your seafood dishes, this is the one to try!

Do as the Venetians and sprinkle your seafood or asparagus risotto with a few drops of this traditional wine to enhance the aromas of your food further!

It has unique aroma of freshly baked bread, apricots, white fruit and certain saltiness.

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