Fara 2015 Bartön Boniperti

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“Barton” was Gilberto’s grandfather, the one who taught him how to take care of the vines and make wine.

Indeed, this is a pretty wine that invites you in, just like an old friend (or a friendly winemaker!). Beautiful, luminous mid- crimson, it draws you in with a bounty of youthful, tight red fruit on the nose. Wild strawberry, raspberry and red and black cherry remain on the palate, even when “Barton” shows that he has not just a pretty face by revealing his well-built, tannic skeleton. It is an unusual wine, one of those that you may underestimate as just “fruity and light”, when in reality it offers much more complexity, maturity and depth than initially displayed. A real beauty, from which ever angle you look at it. Well done Gilberto!

Nebbiolo 85%, Vespolina 15%

Natural fermentation followed by 23 days’ maceration on the skins Soil: sand, lime and clay form the Eastern side of the fluvioglacial moraine, in Barengo Altitude: 235 m above sea level Ageing: 20 months in a large oak cask of 2100 litres capacity, then 4 months in bottle Life expectancy: 15 - 20 years

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