Costa d'Amalfi Ravello DOC 2021 "Brusara" Ettore Sammarco

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This splendid white wine has been like a gift. It made us rediscover the scents and sesnation that we brought with us after spending some weeks on the wonderful Amalfi coast - a time when we also visited Ettore Sammarco's winery in Ravello.

From a small vineyard on the sides of Monte Brusara, where yields are extremely low, the varieties are Binacolella and Bincazita. An uncommon blend.

What comes more, is the minerality of the soil which adds an array of flavours, smoohting out the seemlingly sweetish scents of the grapes and creating this magic blend of flavours you find in the "costiera", as the Amalfi coast is known, and which stays in your memory forever. All this is so subtle and harmonious that suddenly the Meditteranean starts knocking on your senses like early morning sunshine that makes you want to out to cherish the waves and breeze. This is the perfect start to an evening, whether drunk as an aperitif or with seafood or fish dishes.

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