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We cannot fault this wine, at all. The more we taste it, the more we appreciate its great wealth of scents, spice and flavour, its elegance and the way it gets better and better in the glass.

How can we describe a wine that has so much to offer and brings it all out while you drink it? Above all, is its elegance and power on a lean body. It is never heavy, yet lingers in your senses for a long time. Then there are all the wonderful notes of Nebbiolo, the peppery and minty freshness of Vespolina, the joyful fruitiness of Croatina - each in perfect proportion. Viola, rose, raspberry, cherry, maraschino, strawberry, a hint of menthol, leather, cocoa… dry minerals. And then, when you are already overwhelmed with all these flavours and scents, a balanced vanilla rises. The texture is subtle but always present, balsamic, dry, gentle. The colour is a beautiful dark ruby red with orange tinges, turning brick with age.

The founders of Le Pianelle entrusted Cristiano Garella with making such a high-level wine, and he delivers, year by year so far. Nebbiolo grapes are pressed softly with the feet. Then they rest for a long period on the skins in an oak vat. The 10% Vespolina component is pressed separately and kept to ferment on the skins also for a long period. The additional 10% Croatina grapes are kept for a shorter period (18 days), so as to maintain all its fruitiness. Then the components are blended and aged in French oak vats of 2,000 and 2,700 litres capacity for at least 18 months. Further aged in bottles for 6 months.

In 2011, the maceration period was 28 days for Nebbiolo and Vespolina, 18 days Croatina. Overall production: 3,878 bottles, 164 Magnums (1.5 litres), 20 Jeroboam (3 litres). All available to you in our shop!

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