Amarone della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2016 Corte Bravi

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A "Classico" Amarone, made by blending selected local grapes (40% Corvinone, 40% Corvina,15% Molinara e 5% Rondinella), which rest for 3 months in wood boxes, then are gently pressed and let to ferment for 10 days, and thereafter for a secondary warm fermentation, so as to extract the most of the essence and sugars, this is a (rare) natural wine to enjoy in special moments.

Aged for 3 years in oak and 1 year in the bottle, it does not display its relevant alcohol content (16,5%) in a brutal way. On the contrary, this wine offers an almost mystical drinking experience, as your senses open up to the many stimuli they receive from it, and the alcohol adds suavity and passion.

Wonderfully warm, smooth, complex and spicy, it floods your nostrils with the essence of red berries, plums, cherries preserved in spirit, and expands to chocolate and coffee-like aromas. A beautiful Amarone Classico, that always delivers, albeit it shows all its greatness after at least 10 of ageing.

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