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Marta Cesi inherited the land of her grandparents located very close to the tip of Italy's heel in the area called "Salento". She opted to run it as a "natural" farm, and to make only natural wines. The vineyards are at sea level, facing the Ionian sea, protected from the wind and sand by dry stone walls. Winemaking here has a long tradition, probably dating back to over 2500 years ago, when it was brought by Greek settlers.

Rosé wines have an equally long tradition here, as during the long hot summers the local reds are far too heavy. These rosés are made like a red wine: the bunches are collected manually, then destemmed and pressed softly. The skins stay in contact with the must for at least 12 hours, perhaps more, until the wine has the desired colour.

Then - and this is the traditional way here - the bottom of the vat is opened, and the must that flows out is left to ferment in smaller vats. The skins that remain in the vat are normally used to make grappa, or as fertiliser.

DeiAgre's Amaranto is a beautiful pale crimson, not really pink. It has good tannic structure from the NegroAmaro grape and sweetness and body of Primitivo. More than a typical "rosé", it is a lighter red wine. Original, unique, intriguing!

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